Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sean Hannity recently visited Mosul, Iraq and had some candid conversations with the troops stationed there. The video was aired last night on Hannity & Colmes. Anyone interested in seeing just how wrong leftist politicians and media types are about soldiers, the war and all things patriotic needs to watch this video. If nothing else, this short video clip will give an insight into the motivations, feelings and opinions of most of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. WATCH HERE (or click the image below)


Some of the issues the soldiers talked about include victory in Iraq, why soldiers enlist during wartime, the naivete of the press and politicians who want overnight success, how they feel about John Kerry’s insulting comments about their educational and vocational status and the dichotomy between saying “We support the troops” and actually supporting the troops. GREAT STUFF. I’ve been saying this all along for three years. This is certainly my experience as an Army wife.


Do you remember the six flying Imams at the Minneapolis Airport a few weeks ago? These clowns made a big deal of praying at the gate before boarding. They were heard making anti-American comments by Arabic speaking passengers. They adopted the same seating pattern on the airliner that the 9/11 hijackers used. They asked for seat belt extensions they neither needed nor used. These Muslim Imams did everything they could, including shouting "Allah Akbar," to draw attention to themselves and to make the passengers on that flight uneasy. Finally the Captain of the flight did exactly what he should have done. He had them removed.

I am of the firm belief that this is exactly what the Flying Imams wanted to happen. I believe that after their meeting in the Minneapolis area they went to the airport with the intention of creating a stir and with the intention of being taken off that flight before it departed. Everything played out exactly the way they wanted it to play out.

And now its time for the pay out.

We learn now that the Flying Imams want an out-of-court settlement from US Airways for their "ordeal." In other words, they want money. They have gone to the dangerous Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Washington for help in their blackmail attempt. Remember, my friends, CAIR is not some benign, harmless Islamic organization. CAIR spokesmuslim Ibriham Hooper has spoken of his desire to see America under Islamic Law, as have other leaders in the CAIR organization. CAIR is more of an apologist for Islamic jihadists than it is an organization dedicated to improving our relationship with Muslims in America.

Now CAIR wants to participate with the Flying Imams in their attempt to extort money out of US Airways. Will US Airways cave and pay the Flying Imams a few million in hush money?

What we may see here is the beginning of a giant Muslim scam, a scam to be repeated over and over and over across this country. A way to use both our concerns over security and our idiotic penchant for political correctness to harass various American institutions while collecting no small amount of cash on the side.

It's very easy, really. Just go into some public place like an airport, restaurant or shopping mall, and then start to draw attention to yourself. Throw down a prayer rug and start banging your forehead off the floor. Speak loudly in Arabic in a hostile tone. Shout "Allah Akbar" a few times. Look threatening. Just ham it up, play on the legitimate fears of the American people, fears that someday soon some Muslim lunatic is going to walk into a restaurant or a shopping mall with a bomb. Sooner or later someone is going to call the cops, and sooner or later you're going to get kicked out of the restaurant, shopping mall, car dealership ... whatever. Then, as soon as that happens you go running to CAIR screaming something about "Islamophobia!"

Then, of course, will come the request for a meeting with the business that threw you out, and the demand for money.

Let's see how many more times this plays out.