Monday, February 12, 2007


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Gore's favorite crusade of recent months, that global warming caused Katrina, is summarily dismissed in the book by the nation's top hurricane expert. "The degree to which you believe global warming is causing major hurricanes is inversely proportional to your knowledge about these storms," said Dr. William Gray, the leading Hurricane expert in the U.S.

"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming" dismantles Gore's faulty science with hard facts ignored by the mainstream media:

  • Gore's favorite animal, the polar bear, is thriving. Ten out of 12 polar bear populations are thriving, although the White House has recently said they are going extinct.
  • Man is responsible for only 3% of all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Methane is a naturally occurring greenhouse gas that comes from decaying plants, seeps from swamps, bogs, rice paddies, and leaks out the front and back ends of masticating animals.
  • The Antarctic ice sheet is getting thicker and the South Pole is getting colder. The Southern hemisphere on the whole shows no appreciable rise in temperatures.
  • Gore points out that the "snows of Kilimanjaro" are melting, but leaves out the fact that the temperature there is dropping.

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I watched liberal Democrat Barack Obama on 60 Minutes last night. No doubt about it .. he's glib. He's smooth. Please note, though, that I won't say that he's articulate. In the last few weeks we've come to know that saying that a black person is "articulate" is racist.

Oh .. you didn't know that? Where you've been? Remember when Joe Biden said that Barack was "articulate?" Well this was immediately translated into Biden saying that Obama is articulate and that somehow makes him different from all other blacks who aren't. So now you have to be careful to only give a white person credit for being articulate. Stray away from this rule and you run the chance of being called a racist.

OK ... back to the socialized medicine thing. Barack ... like virtually every Democrat candidate ... is pushing the "universal health care" theme.

Know this. "Universal health care" is just sugar-coated way of saying socialized medicine. The left has become very adept of late in coming up with clever words and phrases to substitute for words and phrases to most Americans react negatively. "Liberal" has become "progressive." "Spending" is now called "investing." People might object to government spending, but who would object to some sound investments? Similarly, "socialized medicine" is now "universal health care." These people know they aren't going to get elected on the promise of socialized medicine.

Democrats know that the best and most efficient way to deliver health care services to the most people in this country is through the private sector. There has been no economic mechanism in the history of mankind that does a better job of delivering essential services and products to people quicker and more efficiently than capitalism and the free market. Democrats know this. You know this.

But there is a problem.

When the free market delivers the services it leaves politicians on the sidelines ... with little power. This is completely unacceptable.

The call for socialized medicine is not about a more efficient method of delivering medical care. It's about gaining even more power over the everyday lives of Americans. When you control someone's health care, you control them.


Democrats are sticking up for Iran...big-time. The Islamic terrorist state led by the loony Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has found some protection in Washington. Democrats are warning the administration not to do anything to Iran without building a case first. Meanwhile, Iran continues to support the insurgency in Iraq that is killing our troops. The defense department says it has hard evidence of Iran's involvement. Not good enough for the Democrats.

First up to apologize for Iran is The Poodle: "Every leader in the region and every observer, every expert here in our country, tells us that Iran does not want a complete and total implosion in Iraq." OK, fine. But how does that explain Iran's training of terrorists and their supplies showing up in Iraq? How does that explain Iranian explosive devises being used by Islamic terrorists against American troops? You do know that Iranian projectile bombs have killed 170 U.S. Troops. Perhaps it takes 175 for Kerry to get upset. I wonder if every troop killed by Iranian bombs will get a purple heart? Maybe John Kerry can give them one of his; after all, he didn't exactly earn them now did he?

Then we have Senator Jack Reed, Democrat, who just can't believe Iran is supporting the aggression in Iraq. He seems to think it could just be "rogue elements" in Iran. Evidently vowing to wipe Israel off the map doesn't make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "rogue" enough. Then there's Ron Wyden, Socialist of Oregon, who is also wringing his hands: "The administration is engaged in a drumbeat with Iran that is much like the drumbeat that they did with Iraq. We're going to insist on accountability." Don't worry, America. Ron Wyden is going to be carefully counting those coffins. Evidently there is some secret amount that have to be killed by Iran before we'll do anything.

Once again, the Democratic Party exposes itself as a terrorist sympathizer at worst and extremely weak on defending America at best. There is no other conclusion to draw here.