Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hillary Clinton is poised to make her run for the highest office in the land and is sizing up the competition. She thinks Obamamania is going to pass and she actually views the ambulance-chasing John Edwards as a threat. Very interesting....we're only 22 months or so from finding out who will take over the Oval Office next. When you consider that the nomination will be locked up by Super Tuesday next March, we're only a year from finding out who will take on John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney or whoever. There's not much time.

So who will The Hildabeast be facing in the primary? Probably no one. Barack Obama is going to fade...most likely because he will have peaked too soon and because he hasn't done anything the least bit noteworthy as yet in his short political career. Aside from the fact that the media is treating his potential candidacy like the Second Coming, there's not much to it. Just tell me one issue that Obama has championed? What issues is he known for? Oh, and then the revelation that he did cocaine while in college...that isn't going to help either. It shows a weak personality. So it's Bye-Bye-Barack. Enjoy your 15 minutes.

What of John Edwards? His candidacy is going nowhere. He wasn't electable when he ran with The Poodle and he isn't now. But he's got a lot of money and connections, so he'll hang around long enough to give Hillary a workout on C-SPAN in a few debates. But really, Edwards is in the same boat as Obama. He doesn't have much of a record either -- except his record as a rather successful plaintiff's attorney. Remember .. this is the guy who said that cripples would walk if the voters would just make John Kerry our president.

So far it looks like smooth sailing for Hillary Clinton. The next year is going to be interesting. On top of that, you have Nancy Pelosi swinging the Speaker's gavel down at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. What fun!