Friday, October 26, 2007


Combover Carl

... for the war against Islamic extremism.

Senator Carl Levin (a democrat) is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is working with Senator Jack Reed (also a democrat) on a strategy that would basically cut the White House's war funding request in half. He hopes this will put enough pressure on President Bush to change course in Iraq.

Senator Reed says that Democrats want to include language in the supplemental that would target a complete withdrawal from Iraq in nine months. In the House, Democrats want to withhold the supplemental until President Bush commits himself to changing course in Iraq ... this would force war funding to go through the regular budget process.

The White House points to the fact that Congress can't even pass its annual appropriations bills. So sending something like this through the "regular budget process" would put our troop in harm's way ... because Congress would never get to it in time. I suppose that is the Democrat's version of supporting our troops.

Interesting, isn't it, that when most analysts would agree that progress is being made ... the MoveOn Democrats want to "change the course." The course the Democrats want is a course to defeat ... for it is defeat that gives them their reward and their victory. Bush is right ... the Democrats can't pass their appropriations bills .. they're certainly not as important as insuring our defeat overseas. Weakening a Republican president is job number one.


"Hillary tried to get a million dollars for the Woodstock museum. I understand it was a major cultural and pharmaceutical event. I couldn't attend. I was tied up at the time." - John McCain