Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nancy Pelosi is not making noises about a trip to Iran. The appeasement duo of Pelosi and Lantos continue their usurpation of the presidential responsibility for foreign policy. Are the Democrats overplaying their hand? Is their hatred of George Bush such that they will try to supplant the presidency with the Speaker of the House and a radical leftist congressman from California? Sure looking that way.

One of the worse consequences of the absurd Imus controversy is that Al Sharpton has been further elevated as an apparent leader of Black America. He's a crass opportunist who's actions have led to the deaths of innocents. Don Imus has never said anything that lead to innocent people dying. Al Sharpton has. Now Sharpton is leading the media in a chant for the head of Imus.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has upped the ante. Now they want the guy who was talking to Imus on the phone about the Rutgers basketball team fired. Hey ... here's a suggestion. How about firing the guy at the dump button too! He could have cut the comment off the air, but he didn't. An obvious racist and his livelihood should be taken away from him.

Madonna believes in man-made global warming. OK, now I'm convinced.

A government school in the Northeast banned the Easter Bunny from appearing at a craft fair held at the school over the weekend. The superintendent insisted that the bunny be named Peter Rabbit or it could not appear. Now we all know that "passing a law effecting an establishment of religion" means allowing the Easter Bunny to show up at a craft fair at a government-operated school on a weekend.

Some are now estimating that Iran may be just one year away from developing a nuclear weapon. That certainly gives us cause for concern, but nothing should be done until we've dealt with the Imus situation.