Wednesday, May 02, 2007


If there is one thing that is consistent in every hotel room (well, at least in America) it is that you can get your hands on a Holy Bible, typically in the nightstand drawer. Well, one hotel in California has replaced Jesus for Gore...Al Gore that is. You might remember him from such things as serving as the Vice President to the United States, failing to win the bid for presidency in 2000 (ouch) and, oh, leading his latest world-wide campaign against "global warming."

Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" must be pretty inconvenient for Jesus who got the boot! The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa will provide its guests with copies of "An Inconvenient Truth." This is fanaticism at its best. First it was a slide show, then a book, then a movie about the slide show, then instant Hollywood fame. Now he even gets a hotel. Well isn't that special.

Maybe I should work with hotels to start replacing their Bibles with The FairTax Book! After all, the vice president of Marriott says, "We have a social responsibility." If he wants to be responsible, how about saving his company, and his guests, millions of dollars by implementing the FairTax plan. Talk about responsibility.

What's even more amusing about Al Gore and his global warming campaign is that "going green" is very hip and trendy, particularly among Hollywood celebrities. I know I'm no spring chicken, but Al Gore isn't what I would consider the beacon of cool and hip either. How did he land such a gig? Maybe it's the extra 40 lbs and the fake tan...

And hey, I'm not the first to suggest the global warming movement is actually a religion.


Any discussion of the president's veto of the Democrats surrender bill must begin with the realization of one simple, basic, incontrovertible fact. The Democrat leadership of this country awakes every single day with one desire on their mind: They want a day of bad news from Iraq. Those Democrat leaders who actually pray are praying for our defeat in Iraq. Every bit of bad news from Iraq brings smiles to Democrat faces. Every bit of good news brings sadness.

Democrats are totally invested in our defeat in Iraq. They believe that their chances of taking the White House and keeping the congress in the 2008 elections is to nurture the idea that many American voters have that what they call the "Iraq War", but what is really the Iraqi front in the war against terrorism, is absolutely lost and is only being further pursued by George Bush to achieve some nefarious anti-American and ungodly goals. Democrats know that Americans love winners, and that Americans want to win. If Americans begin to believe that that the achievement of our goals in Iraq is, in fact, possible; that a victory can be won, they will turn against the Democrat's ... and there goes the Democrat majority and a Democrat in the White House.

The Democrat -- and media -- hatred of George Bush has its genesis in the 2000 elections. Democrats did everything they could to bring about a recount in Florida -- but only in those areas which vote Democrat. They worked extra hours to try to disqualify votes from American citizens serving in our armed forces overseas. They pulled out all of the stops to change the outcome in Florida. They held hearings about intimidation of black voters in Florida, but could not come up with one single voter willing to appear before a Congressional hearing to tell his or her sad tale of being turned away from the polls. They tried it all, folks .. and still Bush was certified the winner.

From that moment on Democrats were dedicated to doing everything and anything the could do to destroy the Bush presidency ... and that includes working for a defeat of our country and our troops in Iraq. In pursuit of this goal the Democrats have had the willing help of two other powerful entities. The mainstream media and the Republican Party. The New York and Washington press corps, always supportive of Democrats at the polls, was more than willing to do whatever they could to join in the demonization of Bush. In the meantime the Republicans worked overtime to make sure that those voters out there who were actually in tune with Republican ideals of limited government and maximized personal responsibility would be so massively disappointed that they would sit on their hands when election day came around.

This Democrat urgency in setting a date-certain for surrender is borne of a hint that things might be turning our way in Iraq. With every hint of good news from Iraq Democrats become more determined to end the war before victory can be achieved.

Thank you, President Bush, for vetoing the Democrats surrender bill.

So now we have Harry Reid saying that now the president has an obligation to explain his plan in Iraq to the American people. At the same time Harry Reid has an obligation to explain to the American people his version of the consequences for setting a surrender date for the Iraqi front in the war against Islamic terrorism. Never in the history of modern warfare has a combatant set a surrender date in this manner. You don't say "We're going to surrender in six months." You do say "I'm defeated. I surrender .. NOW." Oh, but wait. I almost forgot. Harry Reid has been saying that we've been defeated, hasn't he?

Let's all have fun now watching the Democrats as they break out in a cold sweat every time news comes out of Iraq that carries even a small hint of success.

Is success guaranteed? No. Could America defeat these Islamic goons if we set our minds to it and pulled out all of the stops? Sure, but we're not going there. Can we win with the tactics not being pursued in Iraq? Yes, but the more the "loyal" opposition in this country condemns our efforts and in so doing gives aid and comfort to the Islamic fascist enemy, the more difficult, if not improbable, that victory becomes.

Someday, I fear, there is going to be a terrible price to be paid for the weakness that the Democrats and mindless peace-at-any-price leftists have caused us to show in the fight against terrorism.