Sunday, January 07, 2007


Democratic strategists say it is far better for the party to keep the war focus on Bush than it is to devise a detailed exit plan for Iraq.

“We are not at a point at this moment where I can say we have a specific strategy, but we have several options,” said Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democratic leader. (Associated Press, 1/6/07)

The truth at last. And this coming from the man who compared our military to Nazis, and is probably still drying his eyes over Saddam’s execution.

So much for “a new direction”. So much for “we have a plan”.

The election is over, voters are back to sleep, and now it’s time to play partisan politics — at the expense of the public good. For Dems without ideas, the best practice is always to criticize others. Welcome to the dawn of Democratic leadership.

AP reports:

“In this new era of divided government, the congressional hearing room is where the executive and legislative branches will clash.

Over the next few weeks, Senate Democrats plan to hold at least 11 hearings just on Iraq. In the House, one of the Democrats’ most dogged investigators is waiting to spring his committee on a different mission — suspected government fraud.

From the war to environmental policy and secret surveillance, the Democrats who now control both the House and Senate are armed with subpoena power and ready to summon panels of witnesses.

These newly empowered Democrats plan to put the Bush administration under scrutiny like never before.
. . .

Iraq is the focal point of Democratic efforts.”

So, instead of rolling out original ideas, introducing strategy, and making plans — as usual, Democrats are just making noise and leaving the heavy-lifing to others.

“The hearings are one way for Democrats to respond to the party’s anti-war wing. Last week, as Democrats prepared to assume power in the new Congress, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and a group of protesters interrupted a Democratic press conference, chanting “De-escalate. Investigate. Troops home now!”

The outburst highlighted the limited options Democrats have on redirecting policy in Iraq. Short of cutting off money for the war — a step Democratic leaders say they will not take — Congress has little recourse but to agitate publicly against Bush’s strategy.”

That spells it out, doesn’t it? Amazing what kernels of truth can be found between the lines. Dems have “little recourse but to agitate”? No wonder they’re bankrupt for ideas.

Here’s another option, Democrats should try it sometime: Ignore the fringe. Disregard the vocal activists. Don’t pander to leftist nutjobs like Sheehan, and do what’s best for America.

We’re fighting a war. We’re battling against terrorism. We’ve lost lives, so make the sacrifices of those fallen soldiers count. Put national interest above political self-interest.

That’s the job at hand. That is your sworn duty.

Stop posturing to score points and do something original. In other words, show some real leadership.