Saturday, February 10, 2007


A document has surfaced that Newsweek is reporting supposedly shows George W. Bush blew a chance to make peace with Iran in 2003. Who are they kidding? How do you make peace with a country calling you The Great Satan and sending terrorists into Iraq to blow your soldiers up? Are you telling me that Newsweek is really taking this stuff seriously?

Supposedly the Iranians faxed a proposal for negotiations to Washington through the Switzerland ambassador 4 years ago. The implication is that the Bush Administration, eager to go to war with Iran, simply ignored the proposal. I wonder if the Iranians were offering to stop enriching uranium, stop training terrorists and discontinue their harboring of Al-Qaeda fugitives? Those would be some good starting points. Needless to say, Iran's "offer" was not taking seriously.

As much as the Left and the media would hate to admit it, there is every probability that the U.S. may have to use military force to bring Iran down a notch or two. Especially now that they're training terrorists to fight and kill American troops, then sending them to Iraq. That is what we call the enemy. In another time, we would be bombing Tehran right about now. But there's no support in the world to do that, mainly because most countries deal with Iran for their oil.

And, in other news, the Iranians have a fax machine. They're moving up in the world!