Monday, March 12, 2007


President Bush's tour of South America continues....and so do the protests. Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is shooting off his big mouth, calling capitalism the "road to hell." Oh really? The one economic system responsible for lifting more of the world's people out of poverty than any other in the history of mankind is the "road to hell?"

It's easy to criticize feels so good, doesn't it? You see, because capitalism is an individual pursuit. You sit on your ass all day and complain about how rough you have it ... you eschew work ... you make lousy decisions ... and you go without. On the other hand if you recognize that the 40-hour work week is for those who pursue mediocrity; you consider each decision carefully, and you don't wait for others to do for you when you can do for yourself .. and you end up sitting pretty.

The chink in the armor of people like Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton has always been that they need the rich. Because without the tax revenues brought in by the wealthy, who pay most of the taxes by the way, politicians won't have enough money to buy votes. Same thing with Chavez and some of these other Latin American dictatorships. They derive their power from the fact that they have money. Without it, they're sunk. If only there were a way to boycott Chavez's oil...and deny him the financing for his anti-Americanism. Well .. you can dream, can't you?


As you know, the Democrats have pulled out of a presidential debate in Nevada that was to have been co-hosted by Fox News. The stated reason is some joke told by Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. The real reason is that the Democrats will do anything they can to discredit Fox News and to whittle away at its lead over CNN in the great cable news wars.

And just what did Roger Ailes say that has the Democrats so upset: Here's an excerpt from Ailes' speech to the Radio Television News Director's Association. You will see that Ailes went through quite a few celebs and politicos with some rather sharp jabs:

A man in France was arrested today for using his car to run down a pedestrian. He said he thought it was Osama bin Laden. Ok, it was a mistake, but it still ranks as France's biggest military victory ever.


John Seigenthaler and I are the same age. Look at how he let himself go.


It is true that I said Britney Spears looked great at the Academy Awards. And I later found out it was Jack Nicholson.


It is true that just in the last two weeks Hillary Clinton has had over 200 phone calls telling her in order to win the presidency she must stay on the road for the next two years. It is not true they were all from Bill.


And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't know if it's true that President Bush called Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?'


Yawn. It's just a joke. But don't tell that to John Edwards, Harry Reid and the ignoranuses at the Nevada Democratic Party. You see, controlled by ultra-leftists....they decided to pull out of a debate. How about you? Do you see that as a reason to pull out of the debate? It was a comedy routine, folks. Ha ha. Get it?

As the editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal said "Hard-core liberals can't stand the Fox News Channel." The hard-left organization that has bragged that it "owns the Democratic Party,, opposed the debate from the start. Now they have an excuse to pull out of the debate and in the process paint Fox News as some sort of a right-wing cabal of news-twisting nut jobs.

Leave it to Dennis Kucinich, the obscure and somewhat weird (though likable) Ohio congressman most famously known for being made fun of on TV to get the situation right. Said the gentleman from Ohio: "If you want to be the President of the United States, you can't be afraid to deal with people with whom you disagree politically." If this is going to be how the Democrats operate, it's going to be a long 20 months.

This so-called right wing bias in the news coverage on Fox News is a complete joke. Last year I asked --- no I begged my listeners and Nuze readers to watch Fox News and present me with an example of right wing bias in their news coverage. We did have a few people who, after being educated in our wonderful government schools, couldn't tell the difference between news and opinion and who would cite Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly as examples of right wing bias. Hellooooo! These people are expressing opinions, not presenting the news. Focus on the premiere Fox News political news show, Special Report with Brit Hume, and try to find some right wing bias in its presentation of the news ... not the panel discussions .. the news! We went through a whole year of this and not once could any liberal call the show, and not once did someone send us an email detailing a right-wing bias in Fox News Channel's news coverage.

The real problem the left has with Fox News is that it doesn't have a LIBERAL bias. Democrats are so used to having major news outlets slant the news to their favor that they just can't stand it when someone comes along and actually does present the news in an unbiased manner. So now they're retaliating.

Maybe really does own and control the Democrat Party!