Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Los Angeles Police Department decided that it is going to stop impounding cars ... of "unlicensed drivers." They say the practice may be unconstitutional because "many unlicensed drivers who have their cars towed are illegal immigrants who cannot get driver's licenses."

Just an FYI ... I did a little research. There are over 2 million illegal immigrants in California alone. At least one million of them drive without a license.

The department decided to change its rules after civil rights aaaactivists and LA politicians read a court ruling in Oregon. The case involved a man named Jorge Miranda. Good ole Jorge (pronounced whore-hey) was teaching his wife, an unlicensed driver, to drive his car. She was pulled over by a cop. He impounded the vehicle for thirty days because it was being driven by an unlicensed driver. The ruling said this is a no-no.

Now let's see here. If you drive a car and you don't have a license, somewhat of an indication you don't know how to drive, they can't take the car. But if they find a little Mary Jane stuffed between the cushions of the back seat, they can.

LAPD will no longer impound vehicles solely because the driver is driving without a license. Now how is this for government brilliance ... the driver will be cited for driving without a license but the car will only be impounded if it cannot be driven away by a licensed driver or parked legally and secured.

In other words, if none of your amigos actually have a legal driver's license and cannot come and pick up the car, you are still SOL.

But don't worry. Senator Gil Cedillo of Los Angeles has information on his website as to how unlicensed drivers can fight impounds. Now there's man of the people.