Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Democrats, who supposedly oppose the war in Iraq with such vigor, are having absolutely no problem loading up an emergency funding bill with their pet pork projects. How much is being thrown down the proverbial pork barrel? Try $10 billion dollars. That's right...billion...with a 'B.' Let's look at just a few of the examples, shall we?

Among the war spending: $3.7 billion in farm subsidies. How this benefits our fighting men and women in Iraq, who knows. Another $2.9 billion is thrown in for good measure, this time for Gulf Coast rebuilding...you know, Katrina and all. Topping off the list is $2.4 billion for things like money for school districts, health insurance for the poor and such. But what's even more comical is that Democrats are defending it.

They say the money is needed and can't wait for the new fiscal year. This is just amazing...here you have all these Democrats opposed to the war, who say it's wrong, who want it to end...but they have no problem larding up the spending bill that will be used to fund the war they so despise. Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe this charade.

Oh, and don't forget the $1 billion for bird flu vaccines...and $500 million for wildfire suppression...sounds like war spending to me!


Democratic spokeswoman Rosie O'Donnell has posted a new theory on her blog about 9/11. That theory would be that the twin towers were brought down on purpose by the government to...are you ready for this? To get rid of records of government investigations into corporate fraud. The Blob actually posted that on her blog.

And you thought Howard Dean was nuts...this one takes the cake.

Her theory reads like an e-mail chain letter...the fires in the World Trade Center tower weren't evenly distributed. Firefighters warned the building was going to blow up. The building collapsed perfectly! It was an obvious demolition with Chaney observed running from the scene with a case of dynamite! So what exactly was the motivation behind blowing up the World Trade Center on purpose?

To destroy government records, of course. In particular, records involving corporate investigations of McEnroe. So evidently Mohammed Atta and his band of hijackers flew the planes into the towers just for show. The real action was the buildings being blown up.

How long does Baba Wawa keep this moonbat on her television show?