Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A new video has been released apparently showing Saddam Hussein lying on the gurney with an injury where the hangman's noose ripped open the skin after snapping his neck. Ouch. Get that man a cough drop and go look for a sewing kit! But now we're being treated to all these stories about how there is all this sympathy for Saddam Hussein. What?

Sympathy for a butcher? That must be something unique to the wonderful, peaceful religion of Islam. Saddam was a butcher, a rapist and a tyrant...why should we care what happens to him? Justice is when people get what they deserve. Saddam received justice.

It doesn't matter how the sentence was carried out...and it doesn't matter how many cell phone videos of Saddam's corpse wind up on YouTube. But that's not what's at work here. What's going on is those in the mainstream media and in anti-American countries around the world have now found some new ammunition.

They think that they can use the execution of a brutal and murderous dictator to somehow generate sympathy for him and create more opposition against the United States. It may work, to an extent. After all, didn't Hillary Clinton say women in Iraq were better off under Saddam? I wonder if she'll be attending the memorial service in Tikrit?

So as the mainstream media, the Democrats and other anti-American Leftists around the world mourn the passing of Uncle Saddam, we get to watch the videos. Hurry up Abu Ali, hurry up!