Thursday, April 05, 2007


Jimmy Carter has come back out of the woodwork to announce that he supports Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria...despite calls from the White House not to go. Of course all of this is familiar to Carter...he goes and visits America's enemies and tyrants around the world regularly. Visiting Bashar Assad is small potatoes for Carter...he's clinked champagne glasses with Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-Il, among others.

Says the former president "I was glad that she went. When there is a crisis, the best way to help resolve the crisis is to deal with the people who are instrumental in the problem." with them. We all know how well Jimmy handled the last Iranian hostage crisis, don't we? Apparently in Carter's world, the best way to deal with those who are causing a crisis is to appease them. But the White House is having none of it. Said President Bush in the Rose Garden: "Photo opportunities and or meetings with President Assad lead the Assad government to believe they're part of the mainstream of the international community when, in fact, they're a state sponsor of terror." Exactly. Syria is responsible for re-supplying the insurgency in Iraq and the death of American troops.

But all of this is no problem for Nancy Pelosi. There's also some whispering that the Pelosi visit might have had something to do with the freeing of the 15 British soldiers. They wish. So what's next for Nancy Pelosi? Perhaps there are other American enemies she could visit with. There's always The Gargoyle. Maybe Osama has time on his schedule for tea with Madame Speaker.


The hostage situation has come to an end in Iran, with the president of Iran "pardoning" the 15 kidnapped British soldiers that should have never been taken anyway. Unbelievably, Tony Blair announced that he was relieved and he bore no ill will toward the Iranians. Talk about looking weak. Not sure what Ahmadinejad would have to do to create ill will between Great Britain and Iran. The sucking up to Islamic terrorists in the UK continues.

Now it's one thing to pursue diplomatic discussions over a crisis, but Blair's response is typical of the attitude in Europe against Islamic terrorists. When the whole thing went down, the most forceful statement out of 10 Downing Street was that the prime minister was concerned. Concerned? A terrorist state that is supporting the insurgency in Iraq that is killing British troops just committed an act of war by kidnapping 15 soldiers and this was all the outrage he could muster? Come on, Tony. Those Islamic pigs are just years away from nuclear weapons!

Pay attention to the media here. Note that the America-hating international press is praising the "savvy" Ahmadinejad and the generosity of the Iranian people. Not a peep from the media about Iran's violation of the Geneva Convention in parading the soldiers on TV. Apparently only the United States violates the Geneva Convention. In another age and another time, Tehran would have been bombed back to the stone age for what they did. Instead, the policy of appeasement rolls on. But it's good news the soldiers are back home.

We will pay for this show of weakness ... big time. I guess there is a chance we're going to take some action after the fact ... but I doubt it.