Monday, May 14, 2007


The Washington Post printed an editorial yesterday stating four myths of American-hating Europeans. As you might expect, I have a thing or two to say about their findings.

1. The French hate us.

The Washington Post says this is a myth? Though the recent French elections seem to point French diplomats in the right direction, there will still be two tiny factors that will always draw the line between the French and Americans—history and power. Rocky relations with France pre-date the Treat of Versailles and our approach towards foreign affairs is on the complete opposite spectrum of appeasement-loving Frenchmen. But besides that, there is an attitude (much similar to in the US, which is justified) claiming to be the best country in the world. However, the French do not have the power geopolitically, monetarily and economically to back that up, and quite frankly, they will always be jealous. Perhaps if the French had actually succeeded in defending themselves against two German onslaughts we might be a bit more impressed. Anyway ... our grandchildren will know France as a Muslim nation. You just think they hate us now.

2. Europeans look down on the American way of life.

When it comes to this myth, I think it is a double-edged sword. Europeans are eager to soak up our re-runs of Baywatch and Britney Spears concerts, but in the end they are resentful that they can't produce such crap themselves. The exportation of any culture is always met warmly when convenient and hated when it seems to take away from cultural authenticity. Oh and not to mention that European students are coming in droves to study at American Universities. They must want something that they don't have back home! Sure, Americans go to be educated at Oxford. Look where they end up.

3. "Old Europe" no longer matters because China and India are the future.

The bonds between Europeans and Americans have created a long, rooted history of economic support and reliance. Not that the United States should ignore other markets, but "Old Europe" is by no means dead geopolitically. I'll temper this remark with a reminder that Europe is awash with Muslims. These Muslims were brought in to supply cheap labor to support the European social welfare state. The Muslims must be a randy bunch, for they're out-producing native Europeans by a wide margin. That's why I say that our grandchildren will know France as a Muslim nation. Spain is leading the race. You do know, don't you, that in some European countries school teachers won't even teach children about the Holocaust. They're afraid it might offend Muslims.

4. Europe loves only Democrats.

Well it is hard to deny the trend of appeasement, fostered by a socialist under-culture of society. The fact of the matter is, I think that the average European hates George W. Bush and automatically associates him with everything the Republican party stands for. But on the whole, I think that the people of Europe are skeptical of any party in the US. However, this street-level discontent is often not reflected by political leaders—look at Germany, Czech Republic, and now France. This myth seems to be pointing to the wrong problem, and that is that there is a disconnect between the people and the policies of European diplomats. Any policy that trends toward a free-market society or lack of government interference is labeled as "pro-American." Fine. But the people whine and complain about American foreign policy and their "pro-American" governments as they benefit from these same policies. Typical.