Monday, July 09, 2007


Just when we thought she was out of the public spotlight forever – yeah, that lasted long – Cindy Sheehan rears her somewhat-empty, anti-American head again. She's still on Bush's case, but she wants to reach him via good 'ole Nancy Pelosi.

Cindy says that if Nancy does not move to impeach Bush, she herself is going to run for her seat in Congress. Wouldn't you just love to see that add campaign? Endorsements from Hugo Chavez ... Jane Fonda ... and fellow travelers from around the world. If Nancy does what she is told, then Cindy said she will shut up and go overseas to do humanitarian work ... where I assume she will be joining Jimmy Carter in his ongoing effort to make statements which undermine America while in foreign countries.

The fact that this woman has any control over politicians or politics is just astounding. Hopefully the aging hollow-eyed hippie from Haight-Ashbury is laughing in her Cheerios.