Tuesday, June 05, 2007


How long was it going to take before a Defeatocrat came up with this one? John Murtha—our favorite moonbat from Pennsylvania—says that the terrorists arrested in the JFK plot were a product of the war in Iraq. Basically, if we had not gone into Iraq, this terrorist plot would never have come about. He is the boat with 9/11 conspiracy theorists and all those who sympathize with "freedom fighters" and the "peaceful" religion of Islam.

What has this man been smoking? If this was the excuse for the JFK plot, than who does he blame the 9/11 attacks on? He does not understand that the fundamental hatred of terrorists is not based on our presence in Iraq. Rather, this hatred is based on a general hatred for our culture. It almost seems as if moonbats like Murtha want nothing more than to see America defeated by Islam. Why? It can't be that they don't recognize the threat! Is there anger over losing power in Washington in 1994, and the election to Bush in 2000 so intense that they would actually endanger their country to exact revenge?

The intelligence gathering of this plot should be commended, as our understanding of what it takes to fight radical jihadists grows under this administration. Rather than bow to the wishes of such extremism, we will face it. Yes, mistakes were made it Iraq but that has nothing to do with the long-standing hatred of radicals, like the terrorists arrested in the JFK plot. John Murtha is full of horse-squeeze. It is comments like this that make me wonder about the people that continue to elect this man into office.