Friday, March 10, 2006


Cox & Forkum, which you should be reading every day, has the cartoon of the week:



More letters to Yale from my mailbox:

From Yale alum Larry Levin to Yale president Richard Levin (no relation):

Dear Mr. Levin: I am a Yale graduate, class of 1975. I am deeply offended that Yale has chosen to admit a Taliban spokesman, not as some unfortunate oversight, but as a prize the University eagerly sought. If I have to explain to you what the Taliban stood for and the abhorrent practices it engaged in, then you are far too ignorant to hold your current position. When I was at Yale, there were banners which said, "For God, for country, and for Yale." Do those banners still exist? Can you possibly show more contempt for the United States and our values than to admit someone who has engaged in the brutal suppression of women, homosexuals, and anyone else who didn't agree with his depraved view of the world? Please instruct your large staff of solicitors never to ask for money from me again. Sincerely, Lawrence A. Levin Lexington, KY Class of 1975

And another:

On behalf of my deceased father, Russell R. Heyer, Yale '47, I heartily applaud your protest of Yale and it's pro-Taliban, anti-American military actions. This is not the beginning of these kind of activities. I still remember when my father received his "25th anniversary" call from Yale requesting an anniversary donation of $1,000. This was in 1972 when we were living in New Haven and my father was appalled at the actions of Yale with regard to the radical, far-left activities at the time (i.e., burning the ROTC and students attending their graduation ceremonies shirtless). Needless to say, they didn't get their $1,000. When they called him, I heard him say "I wouldn't send my dog to Yale." Very sad. Previous to this, he had been very proud of his Yale connection. If he were alive today, he would be livid.

Carol Heyer Tumser


Slapstick Politics has the latest updates on tirade-spewer Jay Bennish, who expects to be back in class on Monday.


And the latest on the Tar Heel Terrorist: The FBI spent the day collecting evidence in Charlotte in connection with the campus attack at UNC Chapel Hill. According to local TV station ABC 11 in Raleigh, "Eyewitnesses tell us a dozen FBI agents spent five hours at a home in Indian Trail outside Charlotte. The house belongs to Mohammed Taheri-azar's parents. Agents left the house today with evidence."

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