Thursday, April 20, 2006


Immigration: No Longer Melting“This flag bows to no earthly king” – U.S. flag bearer at the 1908 Olympic Games

I must ask the pro-immigration activists the following questions:

    * As I see my American flag being flown upside down, burned, or conveniently thrown into trash cans following your demonstrations, am I not supposed to feel insulted?
    * As you hold up banners & wear t-shirts emblazoned with the face of communist revolutionary Che Guevara, am I supposed to believe you want democracy?
    * As I read signs that say, “Whitey go back to Europe” and “We will take back California for Mexico”, am I supposed to feel warm and fuzzy about your hostile intentions?
    * As I read the e-mails of immigration activists conspiring to shut down the Los Angeles International Airport and the Los Angeles Port Authority on May 1st, am I not supposed to see that as an attack upon my country?
    * Why should America grant you amnesty when there is such a pre-disposition on your part to be anti-American?
    * How would you feel if Americans were exhibiting the same outrageous behavior in your native country?

Passing the Kennedy-McCain bill not only grants amnesty to the 11 million illegal aliens currently in this country, it opens the floodgates for their families to immigrate as well. Based upon numbers reported by CNN and Fox News, it is estimated that such a policy of blanket amnesty will result in the immigration of somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 million people. Taking the current US population of 295 million into account, the 26 million family members who will join the 11 million immigrants already residing in this country will add an additional 9% to our population! To make matters worse, the overwhelming majority of these new citizens will not speak English and as a result will live below the poverty level.

According to US census records, approximately 11% of Americans currently live below the poverty level & 21.2% of all Hispanics live below the poverty level. If we apply the 21.2% number to the 36 million citizens that would be granted amnesty under Kennedy-McCain, you have an increase of 7.6 million citizens who will be added to our nations poverty index. The incontrovertible result will be disastrous for the economy, taxes will go through the ceiling to pay for welfare and subsidies, and crime will skyrocket due to the fact that the majority of crime is committed by individuals living below the poverty level.

Americans have an obligation to do what is right for its country, its citizens, and its economy. Americans have the right to dictate its future, not the 11 million illegal immigrants who have slipped across our border in order to demand entitlements. Americans CAN live a day without 11 million illegal aliens, and if challenged to do so, I assure we will not only do so but we will prosper from the experience.

The anti-immigration argument is NOT about racism; it’s about self-determination for America’s future. However, Latino activists are trying to twist the argument into the myth that it’s about self-determination for their future.

Let’s examine one more set of statistics & apply it to a model for self-determination. If there are 11 million illegal immigrants in this country at present, and 74% are of Mexican descent, then 8.14 million of the illegal immigrants are Mexican. If these same 8.14 million people stood in mass outside of the Mexican capitol and demanded democratic change in their government, they would soon be joined by millions more disenfranchised Mexican citizens, and positive changes would absolutely occur in their favor. However, this will not happen, and somehow the immigration advocates see the whole debacle as America’s responsibility to solve.

While immigration advocates expect America to solve its problems, I hear little or nothing from these activists on the subject of the impact of integrating 36 million immigrants with the 284 million legal citizens who already reside here. The issue od such an impact is ignored by immigration advocates because their goal is not about becoming a part of America, it’s about exploiting the benefits that they will receive from enjoying our form of government. The only “correction” in the pro-immigration message I have seen thus far has been a change in their PR strategy. Instead of burning our flags while their own national flag is held in high esteem, suddenly every protester is issued an American flag to wave in front of the liberal media & we are supposed to believe that all of the previous week’s anti-American sentiments have magically melted away.

Shame on Kennedy, McCain and every other politician who is willing to whore out this country by putting the interests of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens in their quest to gain the Hispanic vote. Clearly, our elected officials cannot be trusted on this subject. The overwhelming majority of Americans are adamantly against any variation on amnesty for illegal aliens & our cries of protest have fallen on deaf ears.

In my humble opinion, I feel that the best solution to the whole immigration issue is to have the politicians draft various immigration proposals and hold a special national ballot initiative that allows the American voters choose what they feel is in their best interest. I’m pretty certain most Americans would use their vote to keep their country a place that wraps itself in the flag rather than lighting it on fire.

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