Tuesday, April 11, 2006


While the mainstream media today is giddily reporting the “clout” of illegal immigrants and showing us photos of passionate flag-waving, there’s another view that doesn’t find its way onto pages of the press. We look to last week’s student protest in Los Angeles.

None of these photos made it to print. But fortunately, we have digital photography and the Internet to archive.

Is that the consulate or the courthouse?
(No american flag visible)
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

He pledges allegiance…
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Is that a lazy peace sign or a gang gesture?
(We’re sure her parents are sooo proud)
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Just hard-working, law-abiding citizens…
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

“This is our land…?”
(Do you think you can make it as productive as Mexico?)
This is our land?
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Smiling L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, proud of his amigos*
L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Mexican with meat cleaver or Aztec art?
Mexican or Aztec?
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Nazi Minutemen? Somebody needs remedial history.
Nazi Minutemen?
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

What country are we in?
What country is this?
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Future leaders of America…
(Heaven help us)
Future leaders of America
(Photo: doyoulikeit/Buzznet)

Can you imagine what their class yearbook looks like?

Many more photos found here. And be sure to read the comments: Gives you an idea of those supporting the protesters.

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