Monday, April 17, 2006


Have you noticed the similarities between some of our high-profile news stories lately? You too? Yes, it’s all about race, isn’t it? The Cynthia McKinney-Capitol police officer altercation, in which the Black female congresswoman from Georgia clocked a Capitol police officer with her cell phone after bypassing security and refusing to acknowledge the officer’s direction to stop. He put his hands on her – so she thumped him. Leaving aside the fact that she was lucky not to be shot (or at least tasered), the fact is that the cop simply didn’t recognize her - an egregious affront in itself, of course.

But the issue quickly became one of race (McKinney’s favorite subject) rather than security; obviously, the officer woke up that morning with an irrepressible desire to rough up a Negress. Never mind that we’re living in an age when members of Congress have to fear bags of anthrax being secreted into their places of work. If anything, the incident solidified my belief regarding how very easy it would have been for a terrorist to charge up to the Capitol checkpoint howling “Allah Akhbar” — then blow himself and dozens of others into the stratosphere.

But it wasn’t about security, nope. It was about race, as was the ineptitude of the Federal government relative to its response to Hurricane Katrina. Who gives a rip, right? They’re just a bunch of unproductive welfare cheats and crackheads. It had nothing to do with the fact that the mayor of New Orleans (a Black man) and the governor dropped the ball on the evacuation order, and when it was finally given, tens of thousands were either too ignorant, defiant or nefariously inclined to leave. To blazes with reality: It’s about race.

And now we have a situation in which our government, mandated by the Constitution to maintain our borders, will not do so – even while we’re engaged in a war. Yes, business interests want cheap labor; yes, certain political interests perceive a future advantage in courting the immigrant population. But at a time in which drug dealers and other criminals are terrorizing residents on both sides of our border with Mexico, and in which it would be child’s play for a group of terrorists to slither across with a nuclear device in a truck, drive it to Dallas, cry “Allah Akbar” – then blow themselves and an entire American city into the ionosphere — it isn’t about security.

Again it’s about race, about the evil, faceless rich White man in a suit picking on the poor little sombrero-wearing peasant who’s only looking for a better life. Forget the victims of the criminals, forget the duplicity and oppressive mode of the Mexican government, forget the sex trading in children, forget our Constitution, forget national security; these people want amnesty, they somehow “deserve” it as well – so they should have it. Just give it to them. Just because. Discounting this being the inane rationale of a five-year-old and that it would lead to a doubling of the number of illegal Mexican immigrants in coming years, to bring about this amnesty, Marxist groups supported by the media and like-minded politicos have incited millions of acolytes and young ignoramuses to march on behalf of illegal aliens and turned the Senate immigration debate into such a quagmire that only one thing has become almost certain: Very little of value will be accomplished, and America and its citizenry, particularly in the Southwest, will ultimately suffer for it.

Heaven help the White man so rash as to speak publicly about Americans of northern European descent as “The Race” – but that’s what many Mexican-Americans do. There’s even an organization by that name (“La Raza”) which ostensibly supports the rights of Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants, but has a shady support structure, contacts, and nebulous stated objectives. Why the hypocrisy? Because so many have been cowed by or indoctrinated into Politically-correct dogma that, in short, we’re too weak to say or do what’s right. Ironically, it isn’t a Mexican or a Hispanic thing, either; if India or Uganda just happened to lie on the other side of our southern border, we could simply swap ethnic labels and we’d have the same situation, the same arguments, and the same lies in play.

When the members of any other nation seek the benefits of life in America, we process them through channels and assess them via certain criteria. Although the standards aren’t the same as they were when the Italians, Irish, or Poles emigrated, they still exist. Mexican nationals appear to be exempt from all of this, due to greed, subversion of our politics and culture, and our collective weakness.

God save America.

Erik Rush is a New York-born Black columnist and author who writes “The Culture Shark,”a weekly column of political fare. He is also a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. An archive containing links to just about everything he’s written is at

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