Tuesday, April 18, 2006


From the Santa Barbara News Press, some not-so-peaceful, open borders students wreak havoc on an elderly couple's home:

A peaceful school-sanctioned protest march in support of illegal immigrants turned ugly Monday when students from Santa Barbara High pelted the home of an elderly couple with rocks and eggs.

The incident took place at the home of Joel and Eloise Gomez on East Canon Perdido Street after the couple exchanged words with some of the 300 or so students making their way back to campus, about one block away.

Off-campus student protests against a proposed law that would make felons out of illegal immigrants have taken place across Santa Barbara in recent weeks. But this one, conducted with police escort and with school officials close by, is the first that has involved any report of violence.

Mrs. Gomez, 70, said she and her 74-year-old husband heard the marchers approach, chanting "Sí, se puede" (Yes, we can) and other slogans.

"We were out there and there they come with their shouting and shaking their fists," she said. "We were just saying stay in school, learn English, you know? They didn't like this."

Mr. Gomez said he saw two girls pick up rocks and throw them at the house. One ripped through the screen and hit the front door, he said...

...Fifteen minutes later, said Mrs. Gomez, another group of girls returned.

"They all lined up there and at the command of one of the girls they threw eggs all of a sudden," she said. "They did their damage and ran like rats."

In all, nine eggs were lobbed at the home.

"I was going to go out there," said Mrs. Gomez. "I would have been pelted by eggs. Something told me just stay in."

Once the students had left, she added, two other girls knocked on the door to offer assistance, said Mrs. Gomez. Soon after, the couple called police.

And, again, lest you think the reconquista agenda is relegated to Mexican elites and fringe sympathizers in academia, pay attention to the last sentence:

"This is not just a movement that's happening in Goleta or Santa Barbara," he said. "It's a worldwide uprising of people that are standing up for themselves."

Mayor Marty Blum told the students that she thinks the city will soon vote to oppose any federal legislation that would make being in this country illegally a felony. "City Hall has already heard your voices," she said.

Freshman Jonathan Aguiar said he didn't learn anything from the speakers. "I knew it already."

The 15-year-old added, "It's not fair for the immigrants to be told they're criminals."

Phillip Kuzmanovski, 15, agreed.

"This state used to be Mexico," he said. "We can't make it illegal for them to be here."

Like they say:




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