Friday, May 05, 2006


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi released a rare video of himself on April 25th, 2006, mocking the US military in Iraq, touting himself as a proficient military man and urging Iraqis to unite with him against US forces in Iraq.

Today, the Department of Defense released the video portions of al-Zarqawi’s previous propaganda tape that were edited out. The tape was confiscated in a raid on an al-Qaeda safehouse in Iraq.

Spokesman for US Command MAJ GEN Rick Lynch , who said in March 2006 that Iraqis are fed up with and fighting against the insurgency, explained about the newly released video:

“It’s supposed to be automatic fire, he’s shooting single shots. Something is wrong with his machine gun, he looks down, can’t figure out, calls his friend to come unblock the stoppage and get the weapon firing again.

“This piece you all see as he walks away, he’s wearing his black uniform and his New Balance tennis shoes as he moves to this white pickup. And, his close associates around him … do things like grab the hot barrel of the machine gun and burn themselves.”


(unnarrated Department of Defense footage)

Um, how does this thing work again? Isn’t this the same al-Zarqawi who said in his April 25th video:

“Why do not you (Pres. Bush) tell the truth about your soldiers and that their fighting will is rather weak, so that your people will know the truth about this war? Why do not you tell them that your soldiers are continuously committing suicide? Why do not you tell them that your soldiers cannot sleep without taking drugs and hallucination pills and that those pills make them lose their mind to allow your evangelical-Zionist war generals to drag them into the slaughter house? Why do not you tell them about the mass desertion and revolt [which] is growing among the ranks of your soldiers?”

Yeah, right, that’s the ticket.

Al-Zarqawi, having difficulty recruiting new willing members to his suicide squads, is changing gears and attempting to organize an army of sorts, and vows military action against the US if Iraqis will unite with him. This is a war he cannot win against the proficient, professional and highly trained military of the United States of America, but it would be a welcomed change none the less.

Iraqi officials, as well as rank and file Iraqi citizens, overwhelmingly reject and condemn Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his tactics. They say al-Zarqawi and al-Qaeda are responsible for bombing Mosques and trying to provoke the country into a civil war.

During the January 2005 constitutional elections in Iraq, Iraqi police, military and security forces prepared for a barrage of terrorist attacks at the hand of al-Zarqawi that never came. PBS’s Frontline special, The Insurgency, showed a priceless joyful celebration by Iraqi Army’s 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, who were protecting a polling station after it was clear al-Zarqawi was impotent to stop the elections (watch the video; its #4- A Long, Slow Process). In it, an Iraqi soldier led the rest in a chant/song mocking al-Zarqawi’s failure to stop democracy:

IRAQI SOLDIER: [in Arabic] I want to tell you the story of this courageous 2nd Battalion! [singing] Zarqawi, where are you today?

IRAQI SOLDIERS: [singing] Zarqawi, where are you today?
The 2nd Battalion is coming to get you!
Muhammad’s battalion is coming to get you!
Now the falcon is hunting you!

The message is clear: al-Zarqawi is a LOSER!

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