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Mexico does not allow foreigners to birth a child that then automatically becomes a citizen. In fact NO nation allows that.

In fact, Mexico doesn’t allow a foreigner — even if they become a citizen, to be an elected official, a Judge, law officer or firefighter! Yet, in our nation, a woman can sneak into this country, have a baby at the expense of the US taxpayers, get food stamps, health care and education for their children, ALL FOR FREE to her. Then when the first one becomes 21 years old, they can petition to allow the mother (and the father if he shows up, illegally) to become United States citizens. All the while honest people in other nations wait years and years to be allowed to come here, and more years to become citizens. [See “Anchors away,” by Mona Charen below] Of course, how do we prove these are the parents? Will the US taxpayer have to pay for DNA testing? Remember, these are no honest people we are dealing with, these are folks who sneaked into our nation, use phony Social Security cards, steal social services from honest, needy citizens. Will there will a black market in “parents”, where a 21 year old sells the right to be his parent, so they can become citizens — how about $5,000 or $10,000 to cut in line? What would another lie mean, or more violations of our laws?

If President Bush wants a “comprehensive” immigration plan (it is not an immigration plan, that we already have. It is an amnesty plan he is pushing in the US Senate — to create rules to allow law breakers to be rewarded for violating our laws) than it must also fix the “Anchor baby” problem and end the “right” to petition to allow law breakers to validate criminal activity by giving their parents petitions for citizenship.

The point here is that there are so many esoteric issues in this matter. Whether criminals, folks that use phony Social Security cards, (and that is a criminal offense) should be allowed to collect Social Security — if they have been violating the law for ten years or more? You even see Senator Kennedy argue, amazingly, that illegal aliens don’t have to be paid minimum wage! Any further evidence needed of the hypocrisy of the Left — Kennedy WANTS illegal aliens exploited, there is no other explanation for this.

President Bush says it would be “too cumbersome” to enforce our current laws and deport more than 12 million illegal aliens. Yet, he wants to create a system where the IRS has to investigate each illegal alien for back taxes, the FBI for criminal records, etc.

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“Anchors” away
By Mona Charen May 19, 2006

In 1970, six percent of all births in the United States were to illegal aliens. In 2002, that figure was 23 percent. In 1994, 36 percent of the births paid for by Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid, were to illegals. That figure has doubtless increased in the intervening 12 years as the rate of illegal immigration has risen.

Any child born in the United States automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. He or she is instantly eligible for panoply of social services, food stamps and other forms of aid. When the child reaches the age of 21, he can petition to have his parents and siblings declared permanent residents.

The so-called “anchor baby” phenomenon is a hidden trap door beneath any guest worker program, because a significant number of guest workers will have babies while in the United States and will thus elude any effort to send them home. (There are other problems with guest worker schemes: the difficulty of enforcement, the creation of permanently alienated subgroups such as Europe has created of its Muslim immigrants, and the problem of uprooting even the non-citizen children of guest workers who have spent years in the United States.) [READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

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