Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Fox: “Walls Won’t Fix Problem”

Vicente, they might not but I’m willing to take a chance they will. Call me stubborn about that. Here’s the AP’s Brock Vergakis’ report:

Kicking off a four-day, three-state tour, Mexican President Vicente Fox said Tuesday that his nation wants to be part of the solution in the immigration debate, not the problem. “We don’t set up walls, and that’s not the way you’re going to fix this situation,” Fox said in Spanish to representatives of groups active in Utah’s Mexican community. “It’s not with fences that we are going to solve this problem.”

He’s right to the extent that the real, longterm solution is to rid Mexico of its corruption so that it can become a prosperous nation. Another part of the solution is in cracking down on businesses that hire illegal aliens. If we make the hiring of illegal aliens such a costly venture, that market will dry up in a hurry.

In the interim, though, a wall with lots of Border Patrol watching the border for any hint of movement is a fine ‘interim’ solution.

Working together, Mexico and the U.S. can improve the quality of life for citizens in both countries, he said. “The future of North America must guarantee great competitiveness, greater regional security, greater availability of energy, greater trade exchanges and, naturally, a greater well-being for all of its inhabitants,” said Fox, who is also scheduled to visit Washington state and California this week. He spoke of the steps he has taken to strengthen the Mexican economy and the democratization of his country.

I don’t want to belittle what President Fox is saying because those things are important. But the Mexican economy isn’t creating a viable middle class. Until it’s creating that healthy middle class, people will flee Mexico for America’s prosperity in droves.

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