Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Fahrenheit Jimmy Carter

Bakr bin Ladin: FoCIn breaking news from CanadaFreePress, Judi McLeod reports: “Ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter is in league with Osama bin Laden.

A paper trail shows that more than $1 million has been funneled from Bakr M. Bin Laden on behalf of the Saudi Bin Laden Group to The Carter Center.”

That’s an impressive bit of investigative journalism that comes your way, not courtesy of the New York Times and company, but from Melanie Morgan, Chairman, Censure Carter Committee.

“An investigation by the Censure Carter Committee into the financing for The Carter Center of Atlanta, Georgia founded by President Carter and his wife to advance his “Blame America First” policies reveals that over $1,000,000 has been funneled from Bakr M. Bin Laden for the Saudi Bin Laden Group to the Carter Center,” says Censure Carter.Com in a mainstream media-ignored recent media release.

“In fact, an online report accuses former President Carter of meeting with 10 of Osama Bin Laden’s brothers early in 2000, Carter and his wife, Rosalyn followed up their meeting with a breakfast with Bakr Bin Laden in September 2000 and secured the first $200,000 towards the more than $1 million that has been received by the Carter Center.” [Read the full story]

UPDATE: (via

Today, Wednesday May 31st, Fox News Channel’s “The Big Story w/ John Gibson” will report on the revelation that former President Jimmy Carter’s “Carter Center” in Atlanta, Georgia has received over $1,000,000 in funding from the family of Osama Bin Ladin. The information was collected by the Censure Carter Committee - a project of the pro-troop non-profit group, Move America Forward.

The report will be broadcast at approximately 5:45 PM Eastern / 2:45 PM Pacific.

This is in addition to tens of millions of dollars in funding from Arab governments who are appreciative of Carter’s anti-Israeli stance and Carter’s opposition to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East including opposing Operation Iraqi Freedom and opposing the Bush Administration’s war on terrorism.

In 2005, Move America Forward discovered that ex-President Carter had ties to Iraqi Agent, Samir Vincent, who admitted to participating in the massive Oil for Food scam, as an Iraqi Intelligence Service agent who reported directly to Saddam Hussein. Carter was an avowed critic of sanctions against Iraq.

Carter’s associates even invited Samir Vincent to serve on the Board of Directors of their company, A World of Friends, Inc.

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