Thursday, May 04, 2006


That about sums it up.

Zacarias Moussaoui, the only 9/11 conspirator brought to trial, was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole instead of the death penalty.

Moussaoui said:

Moussaoui Wins“America, you lost. You lost! I won!”

“We will come back one day. You will never get him. God curse America. God save Usama bin Laden. You will never get him.”

“I destroyed life” … “maybe one day she (victim’s family member) can think how many people the CIA has destroyed their life.”

Jurors felt Moussaoui’s abusive father and “rough childhood” contributed to who he is today, and that life in prison would be a more just way to punish the terrorist.

His mother, Aicha El Wafi, blames the Moussaoui conviction on France, because he is a French citizen and France did not intervene.

“My son will be buried alive because France didn’t dare contradict the Americans. I don’t share the ideas and the words of my son in the court, but it was because of his words, his color, his race, that he was sentenced to life.”

France, which abolished capital punishment in 1981, had demanded that none of the information it provided for the U.S. case against Moussaoui be used to seek the death penalty. France also has a track record of appeasing violent Muslims. Flashback to the November 2005 riots in Paris by Muslim illegal immigrants:

Meanwhile in Paris, after the 15th consecutive night of riots by young Arabs and Muslims, some offenders are being deported and France is taking a second look at it’s immigration policy. The French equivalent of the ACLU called SOS-Racisme is claiming deportations are illegal and demand rights for these mini-terrorists. Whatever happened to “if you can’t be ‘em, join ‘em”? It worked for Spain. No, wait… that was a disaster, too.

It’s ironic that countries which criticize the US’s war on terror are also suffering from the very source of terrorism they renounce the US for fighting.

The problem with life in prison without parole is that there truly is no such thing as life in prison without parole. Hundreds of convicted murderers have been paroled and released back into society in the United States despite the sentence of life without parole. In fact, a death sentence doesn’t necessarily end in execution. Take for example Sterling Spann, a South Carolina man who spent 17 years on death row for murder only to receive a new trial and then be sent back to prison. He was granted parole Wednesday.

The 5-1 decision by the S.C. parole board ends a decades-long fight by Spann for freedom in a case that gained national attention. He will likely be released within the next two months and will live in Connecticut.

York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant, who attended Wednesday’s hearing in Columbia, said law enforcement officials and the victim’s family were devastated.

“This is a sad day for the criminal justice system,” Bryant said. “This system has failed the victim in this case and the family.”

Spann, 43, was sent to South Carolina’s death row in 1982 after a jury convicted him of murder in the rape and burglary, and death of 81-year-old Melva Harper Niell of Clover. She was found in a bathtub, her neck broken.

Spann served 17 years in prison prior to the murder of Melva Harper Niell.

There is no reason to trust in the American judicial system. The Moussaoui case is a perfect example of that. His abusive father, rough childhood, France…..all guilty…

This is why America loses. We’re soft. Our enemies aren’t.

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