Saturday, May 06, 2006


Remember these thugs?





Well, a few of them are headed to court:

The former UK head of radical Islamic group al-Muhajiroun has been charged over the Muslim cartoon protests in London in February, said Scotland Yard.

Anjem Choudary, 39, of Ilford, Essex, was charged with organising the protest without notifying the police.

A second man, Abdul Muhid, 18, of East London, was charged with two counts of soliciting to murder.

Demonstrations were held about cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammed outside the Danish Embassy on 3 February.

Both men were arrested at Stansted Airport on Thursday for an alleged breach of bail and taken into custody at a London police station.

Both were originally arrested in March, in the wake of the protests against the controversial cartoons.

But the Cartoon Jihad continues. LGF notes:

The web site of Ansar al-Sunna has posted a hit list of German newspapers that printed the heinous cartoons of heresy, calling on Muslims to avenge the honor of the prophet Mohammed (propellor beanie upon him).

Meanwhile, the editors of the Jyllands-Posten are fighting back against Muslim smears:

The Jyllands-Posten sued Michael Christiani Havemann for saying its top editors ordered a cartoonists to deliberately make a “gross” drawing of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because those solicited by freelance artists were not good enough. The 12 cartoons published by the daily in September prompted angry mobs to attack Western embassies in Muslim countries, including Lebanon, Iran and Indonesia. The cartoons later were reprinted in several countries worldwide.

Jyllands-Posten Editor in Chief Carsten Juste said Havemann’s accusations “are simply so gross and insulting that he has crossed the line for what we will accept”. “The cartoonists were explicitly asked to freely depict the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as they saw him, in other words without any directions from the newspaper’s side,” he said in a statement. The purpose of the cartoons was to challenge a perceived self-censorship among artists afraid to offend Islam, Juste said.

It's a point that the ignorant and irrational attackers just can't seem to get through their very thick skulls.

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