Monday, June 05, 2006


Based on all the media reports, including this one, it appears they are.

Busby said repeatedly throughout the weekend that she misspoke. She said she had been trying to encourage underage high school students or people who weren’t registered, but are in the country legally, to participate in the political process. “I had a slip of the tongue and I corrected it immediately,” Busby said. “I want to make it unequivocal that I do not support anyone who is here illegally voting or working on campaigns.”

Ms. Busby’s only “slip of the tongue” was stating clearly and unequivocally what her view of illegal aliens was before getting elected. It isn’t terribly complicated and all the explaining in the world won’t change that.

“The Republican Party is splitting 14 ways from Sunday on border issues, along with fiscal issues and social issues,” said Carl Luna, a political scientist at Mesa College. “The real conservatives may just take their jacks and go home.”

Mr. Luna is whistling past the graveyard with that explanation. While there’s lots of different Republican views on immigration, there’s one uniting view on it: border enforcement. Based on Ms. Busby’s misstatement, we know that Republicans will see that she isn’t serious about border enforcement. That’s sealing her fate literally as we speak.

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