Monday, August 14, 2006


More is becoming known about the Islamic terrorists that were planning on blowing up several jetliners headed to the United States from Great Britain last week. It turns out many of those involved were Muslim students recruited at British universities. This exposes a well-known weak link in European immigration policy.

You see, Britain, France and the like are places where radical Islamic clerics from terrorist regimes can go set up shop and not be touched. The Euro-weenies, under the guise of political correctness, won't do anything about the hate that these jihadists preach. They take impressionable young Muslims and turn them into terrorists. The same thing is going on at British universities. One of the plotters from last week attended a school where terrorist literature was found.

And it gets worse. Also among those arrested for the plot are mothers who were willing to blow up themselves and their babies in the terrorist attack. The babies would be used as cover for the attacks, since a mother with a baby doesn't look suspicious or threatening. This just goes to show you the psychos that we're dealing with here when it comes to Islamic terrorists. They will kill their own children to take out an infidel or two.

Britain was about to pay dearly for their lax immigration policy that allows so many of these hate-filled Islamic killers into their country. Perhaps now they'll pay a bit more attention to their politically correct ways, before one of these terrorist attacks actually succeeds. But then again .... probably not.

Remember .. any effort to fight Islamic fascists must take a back seat to the requirements of political correctness.

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