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Pat Buchanan: State of EmergencyOn page 240 of Pat Buchanan’s stunningly logical new book, “State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America” (St. Martin’s Press, New York, 2006) appear the following words:

“One of the truly major issues with which America must deal [is] the vast tidal wave of human beings coming from the Third World. There is a fragmentation going on in this country. At what point does cultural, racial diversity become a kind of social anarchy? How do you get national cohesion this way?”

But those are not the words of my friend and political sparring partner Pat Buchanan. They are words he quoted from a 1987 interview in The Christian Science Monitor with Eric Sevareid, the CBS correspondent and close associate of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow.

Only 19 years ago, one of the nation’s most respected public liberals could unself-consciously utter words that today could be a scandalous career ender for a public figure.

And it is around that issue — race, ethnicity, language, culture and immigration — and the problem of talking honestly about it, that Buchanan has constructed his most important book to date.

Tony Blankley, Pat Buchanan’s “State of Emergency”,, August 16, 2006

Folks, it is time to start the real discussion about illegal aliens. To date, the debate has been about whether or not we should enforce our laws, should we open the borders or close them. Then we get into the economic costs of illegal aliens and the fact that this has harmed our children, parents and the morality of a nation.

Pat Buchanan is opening up the BIG question, how does the illegal alien flood across our borders affect the future of our nation and the future of freedom? No longer is this a question of 40,000 illegal aliens in California prisons or do we give them drivers licenses. We need to concentrate on the effect of this violence to our laws, in the long term. Yet, this had been discussed twenty years ago, by certified liberals, who sounded like an early day Buchanan. What has changed in the past twenty years?

Could it be that liberals and radicals today so hate America that they prefer to see it destroyed? Note that they seem to prefer Osama to the President. Radicals believe the US military is an out of control gang and that members of the US military are moments away from killing them in their beds in Bel Air or Greenwich (Lamont really doesn’t like a strong military, prefers the French version). Why is it that radicals and US Senators like Kerry, Feingold, Chaffee, Kennedy and especially the Clinton’s have more faith in the United Nations and Kofi Annan then in the US Congress and George Bush?

The issue of illegal aliens is just one part of the puzzle of a terrorist run global government. The United States is the last bulwark of freedom and compassion. If it weren’t for Bush pushing Britain’s Blair, then Saddam would still be killing Iraqis just for the fun of it. We should be looking at the promiscuity of supporters of illegal aliens in the context of world domination, not just this one issue.

The next time you find someone who is for open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, you will most likely find someone who trusts Annan, believes the US is wrong in promoting freedom–just ask Boxer, Stark, Susan Davis, Loretta Sanchez, Phil Angelides. Lets us start looking at this issue in the broader scope of public policy, not as a stand alone issue. I believe that is the message of Pat Buchanan in his new book.

What do you think? Should we open our borders and stop fighting terrorism? Does Kofi Annan provide you more comfort than the US military?

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