Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yesterday President Bush made a speech to the Military Officers Association in Washington D.C. The transcript can be found in the reading assignments.

One part of the speech is especially interesting. Bush was discussing some of the messages that our intelligence forces have found in captured Al Qaeda documents. Here's a portion of Bush's speech where he discusses a letter from Osama bin Laden to Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Secondly, along with this campaign of terror, the enemy has a propaganda strategy. Osama bin Laden laid out this strategy in a letter to the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, that coalition forces uncovered in Afghanistan in 2002. In it, bin Laden says that al Qaeda intends to "launch," in his words, "a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government." This media campaign, bin Laden says, will send the American people a number of messages, including "that their government will bring them more losses in finances and casualties." And he goes on to say that "they are being sacrificed to serve the big investors, especially the Jews." Bin Laden says that by delivering these messages, al Qaeda "aims at creating pressure from the American people on the American government to stop their campaign against Afghanistan."

So ... a question. Are you living up to Osama's expectations? If you're a Democrat, or if you're living in a tree house in Crawford, Texas, the answer is probably "yes."

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