Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is the fifth anniversary of the attack on New York and Washington by Islamic radicals.

I'm sure that a lot of you will stop to remember just what you were doing five years ago today when you first heard of the attacks.

I was on the air. We were nearing the completion of the first half-hour of the show. The time was about 8:55 when I went into the news break. Belinda came into the studio to tell me that they were saying that a small plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We looked up to the television in the studio and saw the smoke pouring out of the tower. I turned to Belinda and said "That was no small plane. This was a terrorist attack." [Nealz Nuze from 9/11/01]

I can still remember letting out a scream when I saw the second aircraft fly into the second tower. The rest of the day pretty much remains a blur. I do remember going back on the air at about 3:00 that afternoon to begin taking phone calls.

Much has happened over the past five years. Today will be a good day to discuss what we've done, where we are, and what we are facing in the future.

The Islamic terrorists haven't given up. They're bright, capable and eager. Can the same be said for us?

Though there won't be extensive notes today .. I will be doing the show live from Tucson, Arizona. Though I'm on vacation this week, I wanted to do a show on this fifth anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks. Thanks to the people at KVOI Radio in Tucson I'm able to do just that.

There will be much to talk about today. Here are just a few questions that might elicit some interesting responses:

  • Are we, in fact, engaged in a World War against Islamic fascism?
  • Is Islamic terrorism a law enforcement problem or a problem requiring a military response?
  • Should we abandon political correctness and get on with the profiling?
  • Why aren't Americans aware of the danger still posed by Islamic terrorism?
  • How would things be different today if either Al Gore or John Kerry had won the presidency?
  • How great a debt do we owe the people of Florida?
  • Was it necessary to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq? Did he present a threat to us?
  • Will Democrats protect this country from further attacks if they should gain control of the government?
  • What role did Bill Clinton play in enabling the terrorists through his inattention to the problem?
  • Would Islamic terrorists find it difficult to smuggle a nuclear device into America?
  • How much of our civil liberties are you willing to curtail in order to effectively fight these Islamic radicals?
  • Do you expect another Islamic terrorist attack on our country in the near future?

Those questions, and discussion of the first two hours of ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" today on The Neal Boortz Show.

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