Saturday, October 28, 2006


Things are heating up in Pennsylvania as Election Day nears. Here’s a look at what’s making news in Pennsylvania.

Small-business group backs Swann

“Lynn Swann has earned the respect of small-business owners and working families throughout Pennsylvania,” said Rich Gallo, vice chair of the NFIB Leadership Council for Pennsylvania. Mr. Gallo said the endorsement was based on Mr. Swann’s “strong support” on key small-business issues. He said nearly 90 percent of NFIB’s 20,000 members in Pennsylvania had recommended the backing of Mr. Swann. “He will work to create an environment in this state where small employers can grow and create jobs. Clearly, Lynn Swann understands that high taxes and overregulation have hamstrung Pennsylvania’s job creators,” he said.

Soon-to-be-former Gov. Ed Rendell’s got to see the handwriting on the proverbial wall when he sees 18,000 small businessmen voting against him.

Santorum: Casey lacking on security

In the first of a two-day series of speeches on national security, Mr. Santorum said Mr. Casey fails to recognize the danger of a threat that encompasses both “Islamic fascism” and leaders of countries who are “fully committed to our destruction. From everything I see, my opponent, Mr. Casey, is unready, unqualified for the office that he seeks at a very critical time in our nation’s future,” Mr. Santorum said in a speech at PRL Industries, a metal-castings supplier that counts the military among its customers.
In an interview with The AP, Mr. Casey called Mr. Santorum’s charge a “ridiculous assertion,” citing his current job as state treasurer and eight years as auditor general. “I’ve been a statewide public official in Pennsylvania for a decade,” Mr. Casey said.

Little Bobbie Casey’s response isn’t exactly reassuring. Citing his time as a number-cruncher isn’t the way to tell voters about his foreign policy bona fides. Only an idiot who can’t think on his feet would try telling voters he’s qualified to vote on foreign policy issues because he’s a numbers-cruncher. This is just more proof that Casey is an intellectual lightweight.

Philly leaders object to voting monitors

TRANSLATION: How can we commit enough voter fraud to push Corrupt Eddie over the top if you’re gonna be watching? That isn’t fair.

City officials and Hispanic community leaders objected Thursday to the federal government’s plans to put monitors at city polling places on Election Day, saying those efforts could discourage people from voting.

That’s utter nonsense. People in Iraq ignore terrorist attacks to vote but election fraud monitors will drive American voters away? “City officials and Hispanic community leaders” must think that minority voters are a bunch of whimps if they actually believe this. That said, I don’t think that they actually believe their quote. It’s pretty apparent that Philadelphia’s “city officials” are Rendell’s cronies who know that he’s in rough shape after two dismal debate performances who can’t win without significant voter fraud.

Add these stories up and it’s apparent that Swann and Santorum are applying the heat to their corrupt and incompetent opponents in the campaign’s final days. Don’t think that Pennsylvanians aren’t noticing.

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