Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Ask yourself this: Imagine right now, three weeks before the general election, that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was found to have been involved in a shady land deal....one in which he pocketed quite a hefty sum...despite not owning the land. Also imagine that Hastert was found to have paid for his personal condo staff out of his campaign funds, a violation of umpteen campaign finance laws. What do you think the media would be doing?

You just know it would be the top story...the calls for Hastert's resignation would be deafening. But the person being accused of all these things is a Democrat....and just not any Democrat. It's Harry Reid...the Senate Minority Leader. The organization making the accusations? Not some right-wing, politically motivated newspaper. Nope...it's the Associated Press. But aside from the AP and the story being linked on Drudge, you won't find the story covered much anywhere.

And why? Simple....Reid is a Democrat and the media isn't interested. They're too focused right now on dethroning the Republicans from the House and Senate. There simply isn't any desire to cover a story about Harry Reid's ethics problems. But if it was a Republican....he would have been run out of Washington D.C. by now.

Don't believe the media is biased? Watch this one unfold before your eyes and you'll change your mind.

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