Friday, October 13, 2006


Strange as it seems, it appears as though Republicans are growing a spine in light of this article:

A group of House Republicans called Wednesday for a congressional investigation into the improper handling of classified documents by President Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger. Berger admitted last year that he deliberately took classified documents out of the National Archives in 2003 and destroyed some of them at his office. He pleaded guilty in federal court to one charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material and was fined $50,000.
Ten lawmakers led by House Armed Services Chairman Duncan Hunter, (R-CA), and Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner, (R-WI), released a letter calling for the House Government Reform Committee to investigate. They asked the committee to determine whether any documents were missing from Clinton administration terrorism records, to review security measures for classified documents and to seek testimony from Berger.

Sandy ‘Burglar’ isn’t being held accountable for his actions. A $50,000 fine is a sizeable fine but he needs to answer about which documents he took from the Archives, what those documents pertained to, why he took them and a host of other questions.

Just because he’s paid his fine doesn’t mean that the American people have gotten all of the answers that they’re entitled to. Berger owes it to the American people to explain if he was helping Bill Clinton destroy important information that would ruin Clinton’s already-shrinking legacy. It isn’t unthinkable that Berger might’ve taken documents that had Clinton’s notes on them, notes that might’ve caused Clinton serious damage.

During Berger’s sentencing hearing, Breuer characterized Berger as eager to get the facts of the Sept. 11 attacks right when he took the material, which contained information relating to terror threats in the United States during the 2000 millennium celebration.

That’s Clintonesque doublespeak if I’ve ever heard it. It’s as credible as hear OJ say that he’ll spend the rest of his life looking for his wife’s murderer. The words ring utterly hollow.

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