Sunday, October 08, 2006


Just days after mopping the floor with Rendell’s quid pro quo agenda, Lynn Swann has positively put Rendell on the defensive. According to this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, the Swann campaign is keeping the pressure on Rendell. That pressure is starting to show up in the Rendell campaign’s not responding directly to the core issue:

“This is another reckless charge from Lynn Swann, the latest in a pattern of false and misleading charges he and his running mate have made,” said Dan Fee, Mr. Rendell’s campaign press secretary. “The fact is, as even Lynn Swann admits, Governor Rendell was not on the plane with any gaming lobbyist and the use of the plane is disclosed, which is how Swann even knew who was on it.”

Mr. Fee is attempting a little political slight-of-hand here because he knows that Rendell is married to the status quo. As I said here, Rendell comes across as disingenuous when he’s talking about specific reforms. Rendell isn’t serious about reforming the system. He’s worked hard to create the current system, starting in 197 as Philadelphia’s District Attorney, as Philadelphia’s mayor from 1991-1999 and now as Pennsylvania’s governor since 2002.

Rendell ran a Chicago-style political machine in Philadelphia, then brought that machine to Harrisburg. It’s noteworthy to notice that he didn’t start proposing reforms until Swann buried him on the issue.

I’d bet the proverbial ranch that Rendell’s ‘reform fever’ subsides a minute after winning re-election. What happened Wednesday night was that Lynn Swann exposed Rendell as a status quo politician. Now that Swann found a winning issue, expect him to exploit that issue from now until Election Day. Expect Pennsylvanians to positively respond to that message. Expect Pennsylvanians to elect Lynn Swann this November.

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