Monday, November 20, 2006


The jihadis are rolling out the welcome mat in Indonesia. (Hat tip: Shawn Wasson, who has more Bush-deranged photos)




AP reports:

Thousands wound through the streets of Indonesia's capital and gathered at a grand mosque Sunday to protest President Bush's upcoming visit to the world's most populous Muslim nation, some chanting "War criminal" and "You are a terrorist!"

Cindy Sheehan approves. Assassination chic--it's everywhere. And, of course, we never hear a peep of condemnation from the Left about these violence-endorsing demonstrations.

The AP tries to play down the jihadist rage in Indonesia:

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation and has more Muslims than any other in the world, with some 190 million mostly moderate believers.

Yeah, right, no worries. There are only 19 million of them who support violent jihad. Remember?

Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith...

..."Jihad that has been understood partially and practiced with violence is justified by around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims," the Indonesian Survey Institute said in a statement.

"They approved the bombings conducted ... in Bali with the excuse of defending Islam," it added, saying the percentage of such support "is very significant."


Security is tight and President Bush's visit is expected to last six hours tomorrow. I will be praying for his safety.


Related: Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has an uncensored post on Islamic Jihad in Indonesia. Warning - photos are extremely graphic.

(Update: Read all the comments in the thread. Some of the photos apparently depict violence between indigeneous Dayak tribes against the immigrant Madurese tribes on Borneo island circa 2000 - 2001; other linked photos are indeed of Muslim/Christian conflict in Poso and other areas of Indonesia)



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