Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Beginning January 23, just about everybody is going to be required to have a passport, including those traveling to Mexico and Canada. No more heading over the border with just your driver's license and birth certificate for a lost weekend. Now can we just get a little border enforcement? Because nobody seems to be asking all of the illegals streaming across the border for their passport.

There will be those that protest this policy change, but it going to make that much of a difference in who makes it into this country or out? Those who are smuggling illegal aliens in aren't going to show up at the border crossing with their fancy new passport. No...they're going to come in the same way they always have....right across the border at places were there is no protection. By the way...did you know miles of the U.S-Canadian border is actually unguarded? No passport needed.

We were going to get a fence built along the border with Mexico. No more. Count on the Democrats to kill that idea. The border is 2,000 miles long...and 700 miles that was recently authorized may not even get built. So all this new rule is going to do is result in long lines at the post office and lots of increased revenue for the passport office.

Oh...and will George W. Bush's amnesty program for illegals require a passport? I doubt it.

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