Monday, November 06, 2006


Well this puts Democrats in a bit of a bind, doesn't it? Here we are, the day before the mid-term elections....a day in which their party is expected to at least take over the House of Representatives....and they have a problem. The popularity of the Democrats right now hinges almost exclusively on the unpopularity of the war in Iraq. The idea that the Butcher of Baghdad might hang for his crimes could justify the war in Iraq in enough people's minds to cause them to pull the GOP lever tomorrow.

Some Democrats are being smart about it. New York Senator Chuck Schumer, for instance, came out and said yesterday that Saddam was a brutal, evil dictator that is getting what he deserves...but he doesn't think the conviction makes much of a difference in the election. This is in stark contrast to Howard Dean's comments that were made right after Saddam was captured 3 years ago. Remember that? Dean said America was not safer after Saddam's capture. He's since changed his tune, calling Saddam Hussein a war criminal who is getting what he deserves.

But this isn't what Democrats really want to say. They probably think that the trial's verdict was timed by the Bush Administration to coincide directly with the mid-term elections. A "November Surprise," if you will. What they really believe is that Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein...and they're upset at the idea he might be executed. All of this proves one thing: Democrats are invested in American defeat in Iraq. Any positive development...any...they're going to downplay it. It's the only issue they have in this election and when something like this happens, they have nothing.

Will Saddam's verdict be enough to change public opinion about the war over the course of 2 days? Probably not. But you can definitely tell the left is worried.

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