Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Democratic Senator from NY Chuck Schumer urged Republican Senator George Allen from VA to concede to Democratic opponent Jim Webb despite the razor sharp margin that separates the votes: .03%

“I am urging, with all due respect, the president today to urge Mr. Allen to forego this futile recount and contestation policy, which will simply delay the inevitable, which is that Jim Webb is going to be the next senator from Virginia. Mr. Allen should do the right and gentlemanly thing and forgo this futile recount.”

What?? Democrats preaching about how to “do the the right and gentlemanly thing” and concede? Two of the most embarrassing examples of Democrats refusing to concede an election, in quite ungentlemanly fashion, are here:

-Nation waits as Kerry refuses to concede Ohio November 3, 2004

-DNC Chairman Urges Gore to Concede; He Refuses Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2000

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