Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If there is going to be one slow day this week, today will be it. Gone are the campaign ads (we hope) and a pathetically small percentage of cogent Americans will make their ways to the polls to punish, to reward or, in many cases, to vote for their livelihood.

I'm going to try to cast my votes when the polls open, so there will be paltry notes this morning. I have a feeling we'll make it up tomorrow.

My Congressman is a Democrat. John Lewis. There is no way in hell that the voters are going to turn him away. Our U.S. Senators are safe this time around .. neither is up for reelection. There's really nothing for me to do at the polls except vote against any constitutional amendments that give government more power, and vote for Libertarians.


Unless something earthshaking happens, tomorrow Democrats will be celebrating a return to control of the House of Representatives. If things go worse than expected they'll also be celebrating control of the Senate. Celebrating right along with the Democrats will be those who have declared war on our culture; those who have vowed to see our society placed under their control ... the Islamic fascists.

If the people of this country truly understood that we are involved in a war to preserve our very way of life, this wouldn't be happening. There is no way in hell the Democrats can make any valid claim that they stand ready to protect this country from Islamic terrorism. For them to prevail the voters must believe that the threat doesn't exist.

What happens at America's polling places today will be seen as nothing less than a sign of weakness by those who want to destroy us. While spokesbeards for the Islamists talk of cooperation and negotiations with their newfound "friends" in Washington, behind the scenes they'll be plotting ways to take advantage of our softness in a relentless drive to destroy America and make Islam the world's dominant power. In the end I still believe that Western culture will prevail and the terrorists will be defeated, but the cost that will be paid will be increased by the weakness Americans will show at the polls today.

There will be other celebrations tomorrow, celebrations by people who profess a love for this country rather than hatred. Those who have squandered their American birthright and have, instead, become nothing more than adult government dependents will be quite happy. What's not for a loser to celebrate when the party of wealth redistribution shows strength? Those who vote for a living will have their day today.

Tomorrow those who work for a living, and those who have managed to figure out that our country is at war, will wonder why they couldn't make time to vote.

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