Thursday, December 28, 2006


That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from this AFP article.

Iraq was preparing for the rapid execution of former dictator Saddam Hussein, with the US-backed government eager to bring his chapter in the country’s bloody history to an end.
Justice Minister Hashem al-Shibli said Saddam’s death sentence for crimes against humanity, upheld by an Iraqi appeal court on Tuesday, would be rubber stamped by the presidency and the prison service would hang him.

It’s time that Iraq rid themselves of Saddam. That said, Saddam’s execution won’t cure the violence inside Iraq. That won’t subside until Moqtada al-Sadr is marginalized or exterminated & until Iran’s influence is eliminated. Exterminating al-Sadr is definitely doable in the short term but eliminating Iran’s influence will be a much more difficult project.

One thing that might happen as part of Saddam’s execution is that it might tamp down the Sunni-initiated violence. That might happen independent of what al-Sadr’s militias do.

Tension was boiling up further south in the holy city of Najaf after an American soldier killed a senior ally of Sadr during a raid on his house. Sadr supporters and local police told AFP that US and Iraqi soldiers had stormed the family home of Sahib al-Ameri, the president of a pro-Sadr political foundation in the holy city of Najaf, and shot him dead.

Let’s hope that Sadr gets the message that American troops aren’t waiting on Maliki’s blessing with regards to Sadr. This is a clear message to Sadr that he isn’t immune to American attacks. He can’t depend on Maliki protecting him anymore.

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