Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today we Will discuss news reports that politicians on both sides of the aisle in Washington are saying that one of the first laws passed by the 110th Congress with it's Democrat majority will be amnesty for illegal aliens. Oh, they won't call it amnesty, but amnesty it will be. The 12 to 20 million illegal aliens now in this country will be granted amnesty and given a path to citizenship. And don't expect a veto of this legislation from President Bush. This has been his goal all along.

We all know what will happen then. The Mexican Invasion of the United States will only increase, with millions more crossing the border in the next few years. There will be nothing in this new legislation that will stem the invasion tide. In fact, the Democrats are probably going to oppose any funding to get that 700-mile wall on the Mexican/U.S. border built.

I have set forth a five-point plan for ending the Mexican invasion and convincing the illegals already in this country to head back home. This plan is certainly not original with me. It has been gleaned from a variety of sources. I can think of no better way to end the invasion, send the invasion force back home, while still satisfying our need for the labor that has been provided by the invaders ... all at a minimal cost to government.

1. Close the border.

If a broken pipe is flooding your basement your first task is to stop the water from coming in. It makes no sense at all to start trying to clean up while the water is still pouring in. There can be no question that it is the responsibility of our federal government to protect our borders. This is a responsibility that is being ignored. Take whatever resources you need, the military, the national guard .. whatever .. and shut the borders down. Concertina wire can be strung across the entire border in a matter of days or weeks.

2. Punish those who employ and house illegal aliens.

Pass a set of laws that establish harsh punishment for employers who hire illegal aliens and for commercial landlords who house them. The government would establish a minimum set of standards that an employer and a landlord must met when determining the legality of someone applying for employment. Private firms already exist who provide verification services to employers. These firms will spread as the demand for their services expand. Any business or landlord who hires or rents space to an illegal alien without doing due-diligence to assure that employees legal status will be subject to fines and punishment so harsh that the downside will be too great to risk.

3. Shut down all but emergency social services to illegal aliens.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are in this country illegally the only government services you will be entitled to will be normal law enforcement services and services necessary to save your life in the event of a medical emergency. Any illegal alien presenting himself to a hospital for such services shall be treated, stabilized and deported.

4. Deny federal funds to all cities who have so-called "sanctuary laws."

These are law that prohibit police and law enforcement from investigation the legal status of those they may suspect of being in this country illegally. These laws are directly implicated in the deaths of law enforcement officers and private citizens.

5. Establish a guest worker program.

Establish a guest worker program designed to make sure that American businesses, especially agriculture, has access to the workers they need. Non-citizens can register to become guest workers, but registration can only take place in the countries where they legally reside. NO guest worker permits will be issued in the United States. Employment for Guest Workers will be arranged ONLY through privately owned guest worker agencies operating under a strict set of federally mandated rules. When a U.S. employer needs guest workers he will supply a list of requirements to one of these employment agencies. That agency will then arrange for the required workers through a counterpart in Mexico, India ... wherever. The employment agency will be responsible for transporting the guest worker to and from the place of employment, and for finding housing for that guest worker while here. The guest worker will be paid ONLY through the employment agency. The agency will, in turn, charge the employer for the guest worker's salary, transportation costs to and from this country, and housing costs. The employer may, if desired, provide housing for the guest worker. When the employer no longer needs the services of the guest worker, the employment agency will provide for transportation of that guest worker back to his own country.

The advantage of this plan is that there is no way for someone in this country illegally to live and work unless they are being harbored and their expenses covered by a legal resident or citizen. With the guest worker program in place no intelligent employer is going to take the chance of a large fine or imprisonment by hiring an illegal. All they have to do is contact the employment agency and the guest worker arrives soon thereafter!

This program has one big drawback. The guest workers aren't allowed to vote in U.S. elections. With the Democrats in control of the congress, there is little chance of seeing anything like this implemented.

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