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German political philosopher Karl Marx (along with Friedrich Engels) compiled the Communist Manifesto in 1848, declaring there is no God and no divine right to freedom and individual pursuits. In other words, Marxism means never having to say “Merry Christmas.”

Today, Marx would likely have had full tenure among like-minded colleagues at a top American university, earning a capitalistic six-figure salary in addition to housing and cost-of-living allowances. As is the case with many a current professor, Marx was not much of an original thinker (though his supporters would have you believe otherwise).

Marx based many writings on those of early 19th century German philosophers, including George Wilhelm Hegel, who rejected the concept of moral absolutes, and Ludwig Feuerbach, who stated that if there are no absolutes, then there is no God.[1] Accordingly, those who held such beliefs fervently embraced and promoted Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species in 1859 and his Descent of Man in 1871 precisely because Darwin offered a much-needed godless alternate to the Bible’s divine creation.

The decades-long attempt to reduce Christmas to a secular winter holiday is as much a part of a larger plot as The Battle of the Bulge was a part of World War II. What Marxists could not overthrow and rule then with tanks and the military, they are conquering now with textbooks and the media. Political atheism drives the secular attacks on Christmas, creationism, the chant of “God is Dead,” the ban on school prayer and attempts to delete deity from our pledge of allegiance and motto, “In God We Trust.” A godless global force views Christmas as just another way to assault modern liberties and rights, of which freedom of religion is one. Left unchallenged, past secular movements have sent tens of millions to work camps, to gulags and to their deaths simply for refusing to conform.

Whether you call them socialists or Communists, both political factions are Marxists-in-training. The magazine, International Socialist Review, for example, bills itself as providing “in-depth Marxist analysis, history and coverage of discussion and debates on the left …” Marxism claims to provide the masses with an equal share of necessities, but instead creates a throwback to a feudal system in which lords and magistrates rule from on high, providing only what is deemed necessary to their serfdom.

Today’s socialist elite, many of whom are Democrats in this country, often place themselves above the common people and even common decency. The party’s hand-picked media elite live in opulent Manhattan towers that loom above the city’s masses while the party’s Hollywood elite live in luxury on hillsides far removed from the teeming confines of Los Angeles.

In addition, George Soros is one the Democrats’ largest financial supporters. Soros’ passion for atheism has been described as having missionary zeal. Soros holds true to Marx’s notion of no fixed standard of right or wrong. A ruthless financier, Soros has made a sport of bankrupting emerging nations by betting against and undermining their currencies. Soros created the currency crisis in Southeast Asia almost single handedly in late 1997. Afterward, Malaysia banned him from their markets for life, and his reprehensible greed deprived countries in Indonesia of much needed foreign investment capital for years later.

With a characteristic lack of logic and honesty, today’s elite class will compare President George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler. This bit of propaganda is as effective as it is deceptive, especially when spread among the less informed of the American public. Hitler’s party was that of the National Socialists and groups such as the ACLU and Democrats are most often associated with socialist ideology. Further, the American Heritage Dictionary, circa 1970, defines Mein Kampf as “a book (1924-26) by Adolph Hitler, setting forth the doctrines and programs of National Socialism.” (Also, another godless and murderous dictator, Joseph Stalin, formed the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.)

Democrat Ramsey Clark, U.S. Attorney General under President Lyndon B. Johnson, was in Iraq as a member of Saddam Hussein’s defense team. Clark also attended a conference in 1980, “The Crimes of America,” in Tehran while 52 Americans were being held hostage there by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomneini. Clark has also traveled to such Communist ports-of-call as Vietnam and North Korea and in support of Marxist regimes in Panama and Libya where he would pronounce the U.S. guilty of war crimes.

Ronald Reagan presented the debate in a manner devoid of political context when on Oct. 27, 1964, he said, “You and I are told we must choose between a Left or Right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a Left or Right. There is only an up or down: up to man’s age-old dream, the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.”

The battle over Christmas is neither an isolated skirmish nor a figment of the Christian imagination. The ability to say “Merry Christmas” has a much deeper meaning than we realize.

[1] Also prior to Marx, Danish writer Sren Kierkegaard borrowed from Hegel and Feuerbach to develop the idea of existentialism, stating that without God and absolutes, right and wrong cannot exist and, therefore, everything is permissible. And Kierkegaard’s work found a patron in Sigmund Freud, whose human sexuality theory allowed Leftist society to dismiss consistent morality and to open the floodgates of permissiveness, if not perversion.

Mike Spaniola writes political commentary that counters the oxymoron known as mainstream media. He lives high atop the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado.

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