Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Democratic response to the president's speech last night sure was a real knee-slapper. Now the Left is suddenly worried about Islamic terrorism, concerned about our troops and doing the political backstroke on their surrender plan for Iraq. And Jim Webb was the stooge to deliver it all. Who ever thought the former Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan Administration would be carrying water for Nancy Pelosi?

Webb whined about how the economy really isn't that good. He launched into his class warfare routine, complaining about how corporate CEO's make 400 times the money regular workers do. It really is a tired act. Funny how the economy is doing better than it was 10 years ago, but when Clinton was in office, the Democrats and the media declared it an economic boom. The Big Lie continues.

Then there was the laughable line about how the president took us to war in Iraq recklessly. Really? Were Hillary Clinton and John Kerry reckless when they voted for the war in Iraq? Somehow that little fact seems to escape critics of the war. The Democrats want the war to end ... OK, we get it. But what is their plan for dealing with the violence that will only escalate if we withdraw now? Just sit back and watch it? Have the Democrats completely given up on the idea of actually accomplishing our goal in Iraq?

Apparently so.

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