Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The anti-war, peace-at-any-price, submissive Left, which took over the Democratic party in the last election, is rearing its ugly head once again. On one side, you have those opposed to war and willing to deny funds to the troops there, on the other side, you have nervous Democrats who know better. What fun! And all of this is playing out before our eyes.

The Nation's Disgrace, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, decided to preempt President Bush yesterday with a little speech of his own. We already know that Kennedy is a coward. I know you're tired of hearing this, but you have to understand the quality of the man speaking these words. This is a man who let a woman (his date for the night?) suffocate in the back seat of his car while it sat in four feet of water as he paced up and down a nearby road trying to figure out how to salvage his political career.

Anyway .. Kennedy has made it clear. No more money for any more troops in Iraq. Winning is no longer an option to Kennedy. Never was. Kennedy would be perfectly pleased to have Saddam Hussein in power still. You get the distinct impression that the worst thing Kennedy can imagine would be an actual American (that would mean a Bush) success in Iraq.

The Democrats are walking a tightrope here. They are opposed to any escalation in the war in Iraq...and are going to fight the sending of the 20,000 additional troops. But what can they do? George W. Bush is the rightly elected Commander-In-Chief. He can send the troops wherever he wants. The only way Congress can control it is to cut off the funds. Come on, folks. You just know they aren't going to do that.

Why? Because as much as Americans are opposed to the war, they are even more opposed to doing anything that would deny troops needed money or supplies. The idea that a soldier in Iraq might do without something he needs is not acceptable to the average citizen of the United States. So the Democrats are stuck. They can oppose the troop surge all they want, but when the vote is taken on funding it, you can bet the majority of them will vote for it.

And which way will The Hildabeast vote? She has to answer to the entire country in the next election. Gotta support the troops.

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