Friday, February 09, 2007


I thought this woman was supposed to be a shrewd political operative. Sure isn't looking that way lately. How could a super-political like Nancy Pelosi let this kafuffle over how she gets back and forth to her home district get so out of control?

The story is really a bit pathetic, and it just won't go away! Nancy Pelosi wants the Pentagon to fly her back and forth between Washington and San Francisco. Fine, that' s fair. Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert had access to a Pentagon Gulfstream III to fly him back and forth to Illinois. Good enough for him, good enough for her.

But wait! Evidently that isn't good enough for her? Princess Nancy wants a bigger plane! She wants a 757! Something, I think, about being able to fly non-stop to San Francisco. Well, the G-III is fully capable of that mission ... if, that is, the airplane isn't loaded down with an entourage. But evidently that is what Pelosi wants! She wants friends, family members and other members of the California delegation to be able to fly with her! More people, less fuel. Less fuel, less range. Oops! Now she needs a 757? And don't forget her wealthy friends in the tuna industry! They might want a ride too!

She even delivered a backhanded suggestion that she was being discriminated against because she's a woman. Then she suggested that Don Rumsfeld may be behind the Pentagon's turn-down of the 757 request.

Now Pelosi says she is even said willing to fly commercial, as long as it was a direct (I think she means non-stop) flight. Here's an idea...why not take her up on that? Wait! I think I see the problem here. There are no non-stop flights between Washington-Reagan and San Francisco. That means Nancy might have to go to Dulles airport. Well ... there is one flight from Dulles to San Francisco that I could find, but then any self-respecting congressman just flat-out doesn't want to have to go to Dulles to catch a flight. Andrews Air Force Base is MUCH closer.

And then .. in the middle of this whole mess .. we have John Murtha spouting off! You remember Murtha, don't you? He's the man who has been slamming our troops in Iraq .. accusing them of killing Iraqi civilians "in cold blood." Well now this Democrat hero is dropping dark hints that funding for the Pentagon may suffer if they don't cave and hand Nancy her 757! Come on, folks. Can you believe this? We have a Democrat congressman ... a congressman that was being considered for the position of House Majority Leader ... virtually threatening the our military with a loss of funding if they don't give his benefactor, Nancy Pelosi, a nice plush 757 to fly back and forth from DC to San Francisco!

Imagine how much fun this is all going to be when they increase their control of the Congress and get The Hildabeast in the White House!

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