Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Don't you love the gems Google's image search comes up with?

This is a huge moral victory for the Islamic fascist movement.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The British are officially cutting and running out of Iraq. Declaring their mission complete, Tony Blair is expected to announce a pullout of UK troops. The Democrats, of course, dedicated to the idea of defeat as they are, will use this as proof that we should leave too. Once the Brits roll out their "time lime" you can bet the Left in this country will be pushing for a time line with American troops.

But this is really symbolic more than anything. Important though they are, the number of British troops in Iraq number only 7,200. We have almost 20 times that many. So it's not like we're talking some huge pullout. In addition, the other story here is that the UK may be able to leave. They patrol Southern area which is secure enough it can be handed over to the Iraqis. So there's somewhat of a success story as well.

Of course, the media will not be reporting it that way. They will point to the decision by Tony Blair to start pulling out as evidence that we've lost the war and it's time to leave. Time to cut and surrender...throw in the towel...give up. Of course the question remains: if Democrats are so opposed to the war in Iraq, why not end it tomorrow? Just cut off the funding.

But they can't pull that off. They know they're weak on defense. They just don't want to make it quite that obvious to the American people. It's easier to criticize something than it is to take action.

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