Friday, February 16, 2007


In case you've missed this .. the Democrat Party has decided that one of the keys to victory in 2008 is to pit the "middle class" and the evil rich against each other in the mother of all class warfare battles. The battle plan is simple. You announce that you're going to develop some nifty new government programs for the middle class, plus lower their taxes, and you're going to finance all of this by raising taxes on the rich --- more specifically, the nastiest of the rich, the evil top one percent.

Note, please, that the democrats try very hard not to say the words "raise taxes." The preferred verbiage is "roll back the tax cuts." It's all in the language. That's why democrats talk of "investing" money rather than "spending" it.

The rhetoric around the Democrats class warfare campaign is both amusing and instructive. It was a frustrating experience yesterday afternoon watching Minnesota's junior Senator .. a Democrat, of course ... Amy Klobuchar on Cavuto. Now Klobuchar is new, but she is clearly a quick study when it comes to learning the class warfare ropes. Her plan for helping the middle class --- and remember, that's the theme --- is to raise taxes on the top 1% of income earners. Interestingly enough, she likes to say that we should go to Washington to find the money to help the middle class .. then she talks tax increases. You almost get the idea that she has no working concept of just who's money she's talking about. When you raise taxes on anyone, let alone the evil top 1%, that money doesn't come from Washington .. it comes from the pockets of the individuals who earn it.

Now ... here's where the frustration comes in. Cavuto asks Senator Klobuchar whether or not she thinks that the 35% of earnings that the richest 1% earn now is enough; whether or not that's fair. He asked this question three times, and three times Klobuchar refused to answer it. She would launch into a discussion of rising tuition rates and health insurance premiums in Minnesota. Now excuse me ... but in what way do comments on rising tuitions and health insurance rates constitute a response to a question as to whether or not a 35% tax rate is high enough for evil high-achievers?

Answer the damned question, Senator!

She knows, of course, that no answer is needed. The vast majority of the people watching her on Cavuto are most definitely not in the top 1% income category. They've been raised an steeped in class warfare rhetoric and honestly, though ignorantly, believe that these filthy rich people aren't paying enough. Senator Klobuchar doesn't have to answer the question ... and indeed she never will. All she has to do is pander to the jealously of the not-rich by promising punishment for high achievers and the redistribution of their earnings.

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