Tuesday, February 13, 2007


House Democrats have introduced a new anti-war resolution [full text pdf].. I like to call it the "Capitulation Resolution." It is aimed at denouncing President Bush's 21,000 troop surge. Some say that it is meaningless .. that all it does is disapprove of the war escalation.


This Capitulation Resolution weakens America. It shows a lack of commitment to fighting Islamic terrorists on their home base. There is no way in hell the Islamic fascists can take anything but comfort and encouragement from this exercise.

When Islamic fascists see what they believe weakness, they resolve to take advantage. I firmly believe that Americans will die as a direct result of the resolution being pushed by Democrats - with no small amount of help from some Republicans - in the U.S. House.

War has been declared on us. We need to recognize the threat and act ... not show our lack of resolve.

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